Eloise Gillow

Eloise Gillow from England left this figurative façade in Stuttgart's West.

Erika Nyström

Erika Nyström from Stockholm conjures up her illustrations on a dormitory in Vaihingen.


Halfstudio from Portugal are known for their typographic work.

Julia Humpfer

Julia Humpfer has realised this work at Leonhardsplatz, directly at the Rathaus station.

Bezt (Etam)

Bezt (Etam) from Poland brought this still life to the Neckartor.

Marvin Daumüller

Marvin Daumueller Mural PFFFestival

The Stuttgart artist Marvin Daumueller designed two pillars of the Nesenbachtal Bridge with this figurative work.

Inga Krause

Mural Inga Krause PFFFestival

Inga Krause has realised this colourful work at Hegelstraße 47, directly at the Russische Kirche station.

Rafael Gerlach

Rafael Gerlach, known under the artist name Satone, has designed the facade of the Hedwig Dohm School in the north of Stuttgart with an abstract composition.


Roids from London has decorated the facade of Kriegsbergstraße 30 at the main station with a contemporary graphic.

Julia Heinisch

The Linz artist Julia Heinisch designed the facade of the new building of the Kunstverein Wagenhalle with a figurative work.