In 2022, the "PFFFESTIVAL- urbane art in Stuttgart" took place for the first time. The artists Bezt, Marvin Daumüller, Rafael Gerlach, Julia Heinisch, Inga Krause and Roids designed large-scale works in various parts of the city. Six facades were painted over a period of three weeks in September.

The public space in Stuttgart and the surrounding area is to a large extent commercially occupied. We would like to contrast the commercial themes with artistic positions and thus contribute to making the city of Stuttgart more attractive and liveable in the long term. The aim of the project is to realise about 20 large facade artworks in the city area by 2025. To this end, we are inviting internationally and locally renowned artists to bring as broad a spectrum of urban art as possible to the city. 

Bezt (Etam) has already left his mark on all five continents, and we are now happy to have a work in Stuttgart. At the busy intersection, the still life acts as a haven of calm. The façade is located at Neckarstraße 127 between Stöckach & Neckartor station.

Marvin Daumüller

The Stuttgart artist Marvin Daumüller designed two bridge pillars of the Nesenbachtal Bridge as part of the PFFFestival. The figurative painterly works are located at Böblingerstraße 253 in the immediate vicinity of the Heslach Vogelrain underground stop.

The abstract work "CONFIDENT FORECAST" by Munich artist Rafael Gerlach is located on the building of the Hedwig Dohm School in the north of Stuttgart. 

Julia Heinisch painted the new building façade of the Kunstverein-Wagenhalle in Stuttgart-Nord.

Inga Krause invites us on an excursion into her colourful and lively world of illustration. The work is located at Hegelstraße 47, right next to the U-Bahn stop Russische Kirche.

London-based artist Will gates, also known as ROIDS, designed a façade at 30 Kriegsbergstraße near the main railway station. His mural combines a profound understanding of form and dimensionality with an aesthetic that comes from exploring his surroundings as part of his graffiti practice.

The artist Erika Nyström from Stockholm designed the façade at Vischerstraße 1A in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. Her mural is entitled "MY FRIEND".

The "OPEN MIND" mural was designed by the artist duo Halfstudio from Portugal. The façade is located at Hedelfingerstraße 84 in Stuttgart-Hedelfingen.

The mural by Stuttgart artist Julia Humpfer entitled "BEAUTIFUL DECAY" is located on Leonardsplatz in Stuttgart city centre.

The British artist Eloise Gillow realised her mural entitled "SOLITUDE/CONNECTION" at Schwabstraße 45 in Stuttgart-West.